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By Ronen Menipaz
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Introduction - B2B Video Advertising

People say that television is the best medium in the world. The only problem is, that they haven’t yet gotten the memo that television is dead.

I mean, television is still the pastime for most people but most haven’t noticed that they are actually watching the internet. VOD, Netflix and smartv’s have changed the way advertisers use the medium.

If once upon a time a stupid people meter would guess who lives in what house using a small percentile of people in order to try and target specific audiences, nowadays targeting in video is amazing! Advertisers have the power of targeting the exact target market/personas, meaning if I am a brand like BMW I can find the exact person that would want BMW by the content he is watching. I know what state of mind he is in, what social demographic he's from and if he's in the business of buying a car or even specifically a BMW. So, think about all the money that was wasted on tampon commercials that men watched for more than two decades. Millions of dollars down the drain. This means that there will be an end to wasting money and the gold rush for video data has actually already begun.

That's all great news for B2C brands but what about B2B? how do B2B businesses utilize this opportunity?

So here’s the thing, B2B video advertising has proven to be one of the most effective ways to tell your story. There is no other medium known to marketers that can pass on so much information so fast. The problem is that B2B is always more complex and businesses must understand in detail the product in order to make decisions. There is no way other to give a B2B message that will intrigue an enterprise with such depth in such speed.

In this new reality there are a few ways to utilize video in an efficient way:

1. Use data driven video to target the exact audience 

Use DMP’s and SSP’s to target your audience on social and anywhere else. The more data you use the better you'll utilize your budget. You can target businesses in a very specific way. Saving money on targeting is like saving money by not using a bank account, it sounds like a good idea but always backfires.

Ready to Step up your marketing?

2. Remarketing

Your prospects are very busy, use remarketing to keep your product on the top of their mind and never let go. Remember that it only takes one lucky time when a CxO will need a product like yours and you want to them to engage at that moment as quickly as possible before they continue to their next problem.

3. Create at least three videos 

  1. An overview video pitch
  2. An in-depth product video and
  3. Educational webinars.


The first is to get them intrigued, the second is to get them involved and the third is to get them engaged. Remember that videos are better than skypes.


Video for B2B has changed the way you can market. Using video you can sell your story and show your product to global companies and enhance your global growth. You can get to any CxO worldwide in a click of a button and give them all the information in one video. If this is used wisely, it is a game changer for any B2B company. If once upon a time (10 years ago) road showing overseas was critical for your business plan, then video just saved you a lot of investment and for small companies an easy POC.

Good luck telling your story!


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Ronen Menipaz Loves chicken but is passionate about machine learning and tech innovation, he has invested his life learning and creating innovative technologies in the Ad-tech & Fin-tech space, his love for creative and media agencies helped him produce more than 3 successful companies in those industries. Meme Global Media Group, MemeMachine & MCM inc. with more than 5 branches worldwide. Ronen is a IDF Intelligence officer that has two degrees in TAU and he is an active philanthropist in Young Entrepreneurs IL and NA Lagaat IL. Ronen Menipaz is managing more than 50M in investments for Fin-tech & Ad-tech companies and yes he really loves chicken.

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