6 Best Practices to Ignite Your Email Marketing Performance

By Noa Eshed
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Introduction -  Email Marketing Performance

When setting off to structure a marketing email, it's important to understand that you're at war. You have seconds to grab attention. If your email recipients are anyone other than your mother, you cannot afford to be tiring to your prospects eye. You cannot afford to be boring, and you cannot be interruptive. Your emails need to be easy to read, or else they will not be read. It's as simple as that. With these ground rules in mind, let's set off to understand what you should always take into consideration before pressing the send button on an email marketing campaign.

1. A picture is worth a thousand words

According to Mike Parkinson of Billion Dollar Graphics, our brain processes visuals 60,000 faster than written content (crazy, right?). I love this self-explanatory example:


(Source: Billion Dollar Graphics)

The key input here is to always leave space for images which help you tell the story your email is trying to tell. Images provide a wonderful opportunity to deliver your message and can make or break the success of your email's end goal.

Having said that – always check what your email looks like without images. Some email clients do not display images. Make sure your email is spaced out and easy to scan when displayed naked of images.

Use alt text on your images as that it what your imageless end users will see.

And, here's a pro tip which can dramatically boost your email's appearance - use background colors for your images. Those colors will load for those email clients who don't display images making them colorful and attention grabbing where there would otherwise be a boring empty square/rectangle.

2. Always add an unsubscribe option

Not because it's the law. If you want to break it that's your business. The reason I'm stressing this is because not adding an option for your prospects to unsubscribe is interruptive and imposing and spammy. In the game of building long lasting relationships with your prospects and clients, there's simply no room for this behavior. You might as well knock on their door, push them aside, settle down on their living room couch and ask what's for dinner.

person on couch

Dude get off your prospect's sofa - they don't want you there!

Even, if a non-intrusive marketing approach isn't your agenda, consider this – each prospect reporting your email as spam severally damages the deliverability rate of your emails to people who actually want to hear from you.

how to strategize and boost your email marketing performance

3. Make your emails as personal as possible

I recommend first understanding who your buyer personas are. This will help you tailor the most relevant content. Once you have a better understanding of who you are writing to, try to write your emails as if you are speaking to one person. Use personalized name tokens (most email marketing websites enable that option). On the other end, your emails should have a clear source. Add an email signature and identify yourself. I recommend adding a picture of yourself. If you can, add your personal phone number or any other form of contact that can help open a direct communications route.

Remember this –personal emails have higher conversion rates. Everybody wants to feel special. If Tim Cook can directly respond to emails, maybe you can open your mind to this approach as well. By the way, most people are polite and will not contact you if not for a good reason. And by the way 2, you should want them to connect with you – they're your prospects. Isn't that the whole idea?

4. ALWAYS test on mobile

More than half of your recipients will open your email from their mobile device. Make sure to check what your email looks like on mobile. Specifically check what your images look like, whether your logo is displayed correctly, if the text size is easily readable, and if your CTA is loud and clear.

5. Use one column

Multiple columns can theoretically seem like a good idea, in reality, mobile devices will probably kill that notion, and desktop wise your email will look cluttered and confusing. Long story short – don’t do it. Stick to one column.

6. Use a social sharing module

Spammers aside, your goal should be to create remarkable emails with great content and a clear added value. When this happens, your prospects and clients are potential ambassadors of yours. Help them be your ambassadors by adding a social sharing option to your emails (This is a standard module in most email marketing websites). Sharing is caring!

Conclusion -  Email Marketing Performance

Your prospects and client's attention should not be taken for granted. Make sure your emails are carefully structured and thought out in order to grab their attention and keep them coming back for more. You can read more tips on how to boost your email marketing performance in this post. Have any more email marketing tips? I'd love to hear them. Please share in the comments bellow or email me directly at noa@boldigital.co.il.

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