7 time and task management tools for startups

By Sead Fadilpasic
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The demands of modern day workplaces can be quite taxing for both managers and their subordinates, as even advanced bio-machines such as human brains can sometimes have trouble keeping track of all the tasks that need to be taken care of. You can try to juggle every task at the same time, only to end up having all of them crash around you like the spinner’s plates at the circus. This is why you need technology to lend you its helping hand. That help can come in form of task manager software which can handle the majority of workflow aspects, such as those pesky deadlines, team members organization, document sharing and keeping track of budget and communication. Let’s have a look at some of the best task manager platforms out there.

1. Trello

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If there is a task manager software that can be described as a fan favorite, Trello is the most likely candidate for the title. It offers a whole range of plans to its users, ranking from free to paid ones ($9.99/month per user for business class and $20.83/month for enterprise plan).

Even in its free version, Trello offers a lot in terms of visual organization of tasks based on the Kanban project management system. All of these tasks can be designed as units which you can split your project into. Once the tasks are assigned, they can be easily edited and expanded with detailed descriptions, lists, boards, labels and progress checklists. File attachments are supported as well.

Finally, its trump card are power-ups which offer additional functionalities you can add to individual cards. These include supported compatibility with Google Drive, MailChimp or Evernote. Business plan removes the limit on the number of these you can have, while the Enterprise edition will easily find itself at home with large corporate-level teams.

2. Asana
Asana Interface

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Asana’s inclusion among the task manager platforms can be seen as controversial, as it mainly functions as a collaboration tool with the focus on workflow management. Yet, it also handles task management with ease and style, making its inclusion here a perfectly logical choice. Asana offers both free and premium plans, with both of these versions offering quality support for handling dependencies, tasks and subtasks, progress tracking, custom field design and customizable dashboards. Bear in mind that the free version will limit the use of some of these features, but even as such it remains a powerful solution.

Asana does not offer time-tracking or Gantt charts as features that some came to associate with large project management, but what it lacks in this department it easily makes up for with easy integration with other platforms. This means that literally nothing prevents you from using Asana in combination with Slack, GitHub or Trello, as well as with Chrome-based or time tracking apps.

3. Wunderlist
Wunderlist inbox

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Wunderlist is designed with one goal in mind: making task management accessible. Yes, it’s quite possible to have too much of a good thing when it comes to included features, and Wunderlist realizes that sometimes you just want to get the job done. Free edition is available, while Wunderlist Pro will cost you $4.99/month per user. The software focuses on lists which are used for the management of projects, teams, individual members, tasks etc. To this purpose, it offers a wide selection of communication options, as well as support for file sharing and exchange.

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4. DropTask

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If Wunderlist wants to charm you with the focus on the most essential features, DropTask wants to do the same with its penchant for stylish visual presentation. This does not mean that the interface is cluttered with excessive design elements – on the contrary, it’s based on the drag-and-drop system and allows for getting quick insights into managed tasks and processes. Its Kanban-based organization system includes progress tracking and status, summary of daily activities, handling of task dependencies and others. Finally, there’s the ability to integrate DropTask with various third party applications you may find useful. Just bear in mind that the free plan includes a limitation of the number of projects and team members one can have, while the business version removes these at the monthly fee of $8.25.

5. Wrike

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Wrike online task manager platform wants to stand out among the competitors by focusing on attractive storage and file exchange features. It also has many high end clients it can boast of, such as Western Union or L’Oreal, if that’s an important criterion in your consideration. Potentially more important information is that it offers its free edition for use with no more than five users, with extensive support for shared boards, dynamic management of timelines and breaking down of tasks. The professional plan comes with the price of $9.80/month per user, for up to 15 of them, with expanded support for 15 GB of video uploads and 5 GB of general storage. In addition to this, it will give you access to advanced analytical and time tracking options compared to the free version.

6. Any.do
Any Do

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Any.do describes itself as a life management and productivity application, which is just a fancy way of saying that it will handle task management jobs you may throw at it just as easily. It boasts user-friendly and clean interface which allows for easier overseeing and management of tasks. In order to streamline this, you can assign a team member to a role of an administrator or supervisor for any particular task. The native application which comes together with the software offers access to an AI assistant which can help you define priorities as you go. Finally, Any.do wants to extend its accessibility to the financial field as well, with price going as low as $2.99/month per user for its professional version.

7. Hitask

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Hitask is yet another task manager platforms focused on business applications. Its free plan option includes support for unlimited projects and tasks for up to five users. The package includes support for shared task lists, calendar and projects. Yet, at the price of $4.98/month per user, the things just get better with support for much needed unlimited storage and email. In addition, its calendar can be synced with both Google and Outlook. Hitask is based on the Getting Things Done (GTD) platform for handling tasks, which includes color coding, tagging and division of tasks. All of these features can be easily managed via an integral dashboard whose main screen gives you insight into the nitty-gritty of each of managed project, deadline and individual task at one place.

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