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Barak Hajaj

Barak is a veteran in the digital marketing industry, he has initiated, produced and promoted marketing strategies and campaigns for tier-1 global companies. He's experienced in a broad range of advertising and marketing functions, mainly focusing on inbound marketing, SEO and PPC with diverse industry segments.


I know, I know. You’ve seen it all before.

The web is swamped by countless blog articles offering you, well -  basically, the same old extensions over and over again.

Most of them are covering very short lists aimed to assist specific needs in the online marketing world according to the hosting site’s niche expertise. But as the marketing world evolves there's a broader understanding that the best form of marketing is the kind that makes everything work in synergy. You simply..

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According to a recent article on SEL (Search Engine Land), in the last year Google launched more than 1,600 (!) new changes in their search. 

Definitely the most interesting ones are the changes to the Google Adwords quality score reporting.

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Introduction - The 7 simple SEO mistakes

High-quality, informative content is one of the most important success factors in B2B marketing. 

In fact, research shows that 89% of B2B marketers are using content as a main channel in their marketing strategy. With that said, just 19% rate their organization’s efforts as successful and only 41% are clear on what an effective or successful content marketing strategy even looks like. 

Though there is indeed an impressive growth in the use of content as..

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B2B Marketing - Facebook vs Linkedin

This article takes a bit of a different approach from the dozens other wrangled ones out there when it comes to evaluating Facebook vs. LinkedIn for B2B.

The controversy of which platform is better for B2B Marketing has been chewed over and over in the last years by marketers, entrepreneurs and bloggers.

For years, LinkedIn has easily been the main ‘real’ player in the B2B Marketing space.

But lately, Facebook is focusing on improving their paid marketing..

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Over the last decade, almost every marketer pondered with the idea of which type of media: owned, paid or earned media -  is the most essential marketing tool. The question of whether “earned media” is more valuable than traditional “paid media” isn’t always easy to answer.

With the decline in consumer attitudes toward sponsored ads in the past few years, the question as to which type of media is the most effective for lead Generation is more important than ever. While the idea of..

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Introduction - analyze your backlinks profile

A healthy backlinks profile is an essential part of your brand’s SEO strategy.

All too often, many companies find themselves frustrated when they are obtaining backlinks according to plan, but failing to get traction in search results.

Though the guidelines for websites in all shapes and sizes remain, the perfect backlinks profile is different for every single site. What makes for a perfect backlink profile for a small blog won’t work for a B2B..

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Introduction - remove unwanted results from Google

Discovering your business has a bad search result associated with it, is a business owner's worst nightmare. All of the hard work you’ve put into ensuring your customers are satisfied with your product or service, may be thrown out the window as a result of one review which found it’s way to the top of your branded Search Engine Results Page (aka SERP).

If you notice a bad review, slanderous remarks, or other negative content showing up at the..

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Sooner or later, every CEO/CMO of a B2B Company ask themselves "should I even bother with this SEO crap? Is it really worth the time, efforts and budget allocation?"

I've heard many forms of this, dozens of times, from brilliant and successful people on many occasions. It's always brought a big smile to my face. Not because I decried them, god forbid. But it proved to me how SEO has and still is perceived incorrectly by many business owners. Let me explain why B2B SEO is worth..
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Introduction to B2B Website

Your B2B website isn't working. You invested time and money in an overpriced, shiny new website that you were 100% sure will get your phone ringing in no time.

Ask yourself - If you handed your site to a total stranger, would they be able to tell what your business does within 5 seconds?

If they couldn't, then you've got a messaging problem.What you should want from your website: More sales, More conversions, Higher quality leads, build trust. What your customer..

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