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Corey Bloom

Corey is a Toronto native living in Tel Aviv where he has worked for various startup companies. When not thinking about new marketing ideas, you can find him looking for the best place to eat or wherever wanderlust takes him next.

Is your marketing strategy headed down a dead-end street?

We all have that one friend whose stories never seem to end, that one person that we want to hang out with every once in awhile, but always regret it afterwards. Remember the feeling of being stuck in an infinite loop of their monologues? By the end of the coffee break, you have heard about the greatest thing that has ever happened to them, and the second greatest thing, and the third and the twenty-sixth.

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You have a great idea for a new startup. You’ve identified a need in your industry, and have a killer product that has the potential to disrupt the market. 

However gone are the days where a great idea will simply attract customers and clients. With all the startups in the world these days, creating a unique, comprehensive startup marketing strategy is critical for success.

But with limited resources and funding, especially in the early days, startup marketing can prove to be a difficult task...

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