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Michal Wagner

Born and raised in London, England, Michal gained years of experience in researching and writing B2B content. She thrives in the creative process of researching and writing informative and relevant content and combined with strong project management skills she is able to deliver the best possible service to clients. Outside of work, Michal spends most of her spare time on a bike training for a five-day 500 km charity cycling challenge.

Raising money for your SaaS product is a minefield. Regardless of whether you are crowdsourcing, at the seed stage or beyond, it is imperative that you have a defined strategy for your product. Who is your target audience? What is your USP? Why should they fund your product? How are you going to present your product to potential investors and to customers? What is your price point and what are your projections in terms of sales and ROI?

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