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Nick Kenton

Nick is from London with over 10 years experience he has a passion for all things marketing, particularly content and strategy. When he isnt thinking of how to improve things, you can find him on his next big adventure, from travelling to unusual places to sailing with his friends.

I love talks. They inspire, they tell a story, they emerge you in a journey. The best of these are TED Talks. I love how freely available they are to watch online on YouTube or directly from TED. I have been following TED Talks for quite some time now, I even read the book by Chris Anderson on how to give a TED Talk. The talks are like a time capsule where you can learn from the very best. A lot of it is evergreen content too, so what they spoke about then is just as relevant today. It’s like..

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Every businesses and entrepreneur dreams of writing great content that engages, inspires, and activates readers to do, try or learn something new. In an inbound marketing world, getting this right can put you on the fast track to organically driving up your traffic volumes to your website, as well as driving increased awareness of your brand and in turn more sales. It can also position you and your brand as a thought leader strengthening your credibility in what you do or offer.

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