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Nir Megnazi

Nir is the co-creator and lead coach of Intel's leadership fitness coaching program that helps managers become fit for the challenge of leadership. He’s a keynote speaker, coach and computer engineer. He’s spend most of his career in management positions. He was an engineering manager for 13 years and served as an officer in the Israeli defense forces for 24 years. His passion is helping managers bring back the joy to their job and lead motivated teams. He’s the author of the forthcoming book “Beyond Milestones”.

No, it’s not stocking up on toilet paper, masks, or alcogel. It’s not even to get ready for the worst situation possible. It’s not buying zoom stocks or BioMed stocks. It’s not about our relationship with China and not about public safety. It’s about us and how we communicate. Applying this one lesson will make everything we do easier. We can improve the way we communicate, we can influence better and easier,  we can create new relationships faster and in a more meaningful way. 

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