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Ron Sela is an all-around marketing expert with a particular interest in influencer marketing. He’s featured in a number of well-known marketing journals and a blogger at RonSela.com

Introduction - Effective Places to Share B2B Content

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, the success of your business depends on the marketing strategies that you adopt. Content marketing is an extremely useful strategy in the world of business to business.

Successfully reaching out to other potential clients fundamentally means how effectively you display your content and the locations that you select for that purpose.

From social media to formal emails, as someone who is involved in..

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Introduction - Content Feedback Loops

Hi, thank you for choosing to view this article! Do you mind if I ask you a quick question before divulging valuable insights on feedback loops that you can start using immediately? 

My only question is, are you here reading this article today because you are a: 

  1. Marketing professional who successfully uses Feedback Loops.
  2. Marketing professional who wants to successfully use Feedback Loops.
  3. Marketing professional who spends time reading valuable articles..
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