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Ronen Menipaz

Ronen Menipaz Loves chicken but is passionate about machine learning and tech innovation, he has invested his life learning and creating innovative technologies in the Ad-tech & Fin-tech space, his love for creative and media agencies helped him produce more than 3 successful companies in those industries. Meme Global Media Group, MemeMachine & MCM inc. with more than 5 branches worldwide. Ronen is a IDF Intelligence officer that has two degrees in TAU and he is an active philanthropist in Young Entrepreneurs IL and NA Lagaat IL. Ronen Menipaz is managing more than 50M in investments for Fin-tech & Ad-tech companies and yes he really loves chicken.

Introduction - B2B Video Advertising

People say that television is the best medium in the world. The only problem is, that they haven’t yet gotten the memo that television is dead.

I mean, television is still the pastime for most people but most haven’t noticed that they are actually watching the internet. VOD, Netflix and smartv’s have changed the way advertisers use the medium.

If once upon a time a stupid people meter would guess who lives in what house using a small percentile of people..

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