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Sead Fadilpasic

Sead is a journalist with more than a decade of experience in writing. For the past three years, his focus has been on inbound marketing, Using his storytelling skills to improve companies’ digital footprint, Sead’s writing generates leads and sales.

In an age where all the information of the world fits in the palm of everyone’s hands (even baby hands, can you imagine that), people are more inclined to start their own business, than ever before. Everything they need to know about running a start-up is at their disposal, a lot of which is free to consume and only a few clicks away.

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You have an idea for a startup, you’ve put together a team and now you want to find an investment. Your idea is important but your potential investors will probably be even more interested in figuring out whether or not you’re aware of who exactly your competition is. An investor under the impression that you don’t understand who your competition is, or worse – aware of a competitor that you’re not aware of, won’t take you seriously.

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