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Uri Bishansky

Uri is the co-author of the Amazon no.1 Bestseller "The Smart Marketer's Guide to Google AdWords". He has been programming since he can remember himself. He lives by excels and numbers, rides bikes, loves dogs and a keen self-educator. Uri has a degree in finance and has been a google partner since 2013.


Introduction to Amplified Inbound Marketing

All companies who adopt an Inbound Marketing strategy want it to be effective. Not all are willing to undergo the long process of indexing properly on Google before starting to generate ROI. Marketers reluctant to wait sometime make the mistake of spending large amounts of their budget on "money keywords" on Google AdWords at the hope of converting those (high intent) users into customers. At a small volume there's no problem with that, but at a..

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Introduction to B2B Lead Generation

Almost every C-Level executive in a B2B company found themselves, at one stage or another, wondering if the money they're spending on digital marketing is worth the investment. Otherwise put, is their investment generating quality leads that actually turn into customers eventually and they are seeing positive ROI on their investment.

B2B lead generation is a great challenge for most companies and marketers. The main reason is that B2B buyers go through a..

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Introduction - 6 Pro Ways to use Twitter for B2B Marketing

As a marketer, you know the importance of channelling your marketing throughout different social media networks in order to lead people to your website and through your marketing funnel down the buyer's journey.

When it comes to social networks, B2B businesses tend to focus on LinkedIn and overlook Twitter. Yet Twitter is one handy tool that needs to be taken into consideration for your B2B purposes.

Although Twitter is widely used for..

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Introduction - Measure Inbound Marketing ROI

"A recent survey of 1,200 CEO’s indicated that nearly 70% had lost trust in their marketers’ ability to deliver growth, in part because of the inability to show ROI on campaigns."  Don't be that kind of CMO! 

Inbound Marketing is one of the most important, yet underrated and misunderstood sections of business, particularly this ever so mentioned key performance indicator “ROI”. 

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Introduction - SEO Reporting

A lot of SEO practitioners say that generating good SEO results requires a combination of voodoo, black magic and a load of experience. As it happens, reporting on voodoo is a bit of a problem, resulting in reports that are unreadable. On the one hand SEO is a slow developing process, on the other, search engines are evolving their algorithms constantly, making reporting clear metrics a bigger challange than other measurable marketing efforts. 

As with all digital..

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Not all marketing efforts can be measured accurately (SEO for example can get very challenging to measure). PPC is great in the sense that it enables very precise (though sometimes complicated) measurments. 

As with every aspect of digital marketing reporting, the purpose of a PPC report is to inform you on whether your marketing efforts are helping to achieve your goals. If not, your campaigns need to be realigned to do just that. Don't let yourself get distracted by overwhelming..

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Introduction - Social Media Reporting

It's often believed that social media marketers just spend time on Twitter and Facebook posting memes or watching YouTube videos of cute cats. However, this is not the case, or at least not all of the time. Social media in this day and age is a tremendous asset for digital marketers, and marketing through this channel is a profession, not a hobby. (OK, sometimes it can be both).

The greatest roadblock to social media reporting is that there is a lot to..

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Introduction - Measuring for ROI

From the moment digital advertising entered the arena, it was obvious that it's a game changer. Finally a cost-effectiveness method in which you can actually measure the impact of every dollar spent - no more excuses. 

Measuring methods have been changing constantly in order to adapt to marketers' evolving needs and understanding. At first, impressions were mostly measured, a little later on clicks following by the rate between the two.

A Campaign used to be..

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Introduction - the unclear question

The topic of using sub folders vs sub domains has been hot for quite some time now, and still, to this day, it’s pretty unclear what impact exactly does your choice have on SEO.

SEO is an important aspect to any business nowadays, and most business owners strive to appear at the top pages of Google search. In truth, SEO isn’t a complex topic (it might seem so though to the untrained eye), you just need to understand the logic behind the search engines and.. Read More