Best practices for using thank you pages to seize the moment

By Noa Eshed
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Thank you pages provide a wonderful opportunity to improve your performance and to move your prospects down the buyer's journey (the active research process a potential buyer goes through leading up to a purchase).

Using thank you pages and applying best practices can increase your leads --> customer conversion rates. Learn exactly how to seize the momentum in this post.

How to use a thank you page

A thank you page should end the conversion process:


If up until now you have made do with an inline thank you message, it's important to understand what you are missing out on. Using thank you pages you leverage your marketing by providing additional content and pushing your prospect down the buyer's journey by inviting them to take further action.

Thank you page best practices

Deliver on the expectations you've set

This might go without saying but, if you just promised a prospect that their guide is on its way to them – don't forget to email them the guide (obviously this isn't an issue for those using marketing automation tools. If you're not yet doing so, at the very least check out automatic emailing solutions such as mailchimp). If for any reason, you can't deliver the promised offer right away, let the lead know what to expect.

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Display your site's navigation menu

 If you're already acquainted with landing page best practices, you have probably removed the navigation menu from your offer's landing pages. This is smart, as you do not want your prospects distracted and bouncing out at the moment of truth. Thank you pages are a different story. If the prospect has come this far, you have already achieved your landing page's goal. Why keep them trapped on your landing page? now is a legitimate time to get your navigation bar to reappear, enabling your client to explore more options.

Move your lead further down the buyer's journey

Seize the opportunity that your prospect just became a lead, in order to push them down the buyer's journey. Add a clear CTA to your landing page, inviting them to enjoy a relevant contextual offer.

Add social following options

Extend your social reach by inviting your leads to follow you on social media. This is a wonderful opportunity to turn your lead into a potential ambassador. If eventually they will decide to engage with the posts you share on social media, you will be exposed to their network and potentially generate more leads.

An effective thank you page example


As you can see, in the above page we have re-introduced our navigation bar, we added a clear CTA aimed at pushing the lead down the buyer's journey to the consideration stage, and we have added a social following option.

Behind the scenes we made sure to send the prospect the offer we promised (If curious, you can learn how to leverage emails in this post).


Thank you pages are not an afterthought. They are a crucial part of your conversion process. Applying thank you page best practices can help you deepen your relationship with your prospect and to naturaly push them down the buyer's journey. Don't put all your efforts on gaining your initial goals of converting your prospects into leads, only to move on to the next prospect, without paying your lead the attention they deserve.

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