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By Barak Hajaj
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According to a recent article on SEL (Search Engine Land), in the last year Google launched more than 1,600 (!) new changes in their search. 

Definitely the most interesting ones are the changes to the Google Adwords quality score reporting.

In short, Quality Score is a metric which assesses account relevance and landing page factors. It is an estimate of the quality of your keywords, ads and landing pages on a scale of 1-10 and is determined every time a customer searches a keyword you are targeting (to read more about how Quality Score works, see our AdWords guide).

Google has added seven new reporting columns that provide deeper insights for advertisers:

  • CTR
  • Ad Relevance
  • Landing Page Exper. 

These will spare the hovering over the little bubble icon next to each keyword to get the status on current Quality Score factors.

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(source: Google Inside Adwords)

And even more helpful:

  • Score (hist.)
  • Landing page exper. (hist.)
  • Ad relevance (hist.)
  • and CTR (hist.) 

These will show the last known score in the selected date range (as far back as January 2016).

inside adwords

(source: Google Inside Adwords) 

To help you understand the changes a little, let’s say for example that it’s Feb 10 and you want to see what the QS was for your keyword “Oranges” from Feb. 3 to Feb. 8. 

The new “Quality Scores (hist.)” column shows the last known Quality Score for the reporting period, 4/10, as well as the historical score for each day within that period.

When segmenting data by day, you will see how the end-of-day Quality Scores changed over time

Also note, that when there isn’t enough data, (impressions or clicks), like on Feb. 7 and Feb. 8, the score will not be reported and you’ll see a null QS (-). 

These changes are important, as they will help advertisers to understand how changes to their account, like ad optimization, impact Quality Score and in turn their overall account performance.. 


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