How eLoan grew their business by 50% in 3 months using targeted paid media campaigns

By Noa Eshed
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eloan success story

What’s eLoan? 

eLoan was established in 2012 and launched their product to the mass market on September 2013. It is the first Israeli peer to peer lending platform.

What was their challenge? 

Initially, eLoan focused only on generating website traffic and tracking lead generation in order to generate revenue. They lacked a strategical process of setting KPIs and measuring them. They needed to map out their prospects and start measuring every step in their online journey. 

The Solution

By harnessing the data accumulated in the businesses IT Systems we better understood the demographic profile of eLoan’s ideal customers. We mapped out which terms or adgroups drove better or worse prospects. By implementing flexible bidding methodologies that correspond to eLoan's data we achieved an increase of 25% in conversion rates. 


lead generation

How we increased lead generation:

how we increased lead generation 


How we increased conversion rates:

conversion rates

Business Impact within 3 Months



 In the clients words...

Bold were very clear with us and have tolerance with working with very impatient people. They’re always open to consulting with us about any issues or questions we had. They’re measuring everything about the audience, which is very detailed.  

They were on top of everything, even when we needed things done quickly. They’re amazing and a very dedicated partner - Nurit Dor Haim, CMO, eLoan


A strategical process of setting KPIs and measuring them can make or break success. Make sure to map out and understand your target audience, adjust your messaging and find the most relevant terms and adgroups for your audience. Lastly, measuring every step in your prospect's online journey can work wonders to your online marketing and advertising efforts.  

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