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By Noa Eshed
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Introduction - B2B Facebook Page

B2B companies tend to feel boring. As a result, they avoid social media. That's a mistake. B2B customers are on Facebook just as B2C customers are. When drilling down, it's possible to ignite interest in your world and create a community of followers even of a B2B Facebook page.

Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling.

Learn your audience

Map out who your target audience is. Is it CEOs? Product managers? Distributors?

I recommend using Facebook's Audience Tool:

  • Go to
  • Click on your ads account or create one if you don't yet have one (don't worry there's not charge for setting up an ads account)
  • Go to tools à Audience Insights
  • Select "everyone on Facebook"

Initial audience definition

  • On the left side bar, type in as much info as you can about your target audience. Sometimes you will need to broaden your search as narrow searches might end up with no results. This tool can provide you with valuable info about the demographics, interests, location, household income and online purchase habits of your target audience. For example, if your main target audience are US CEOs in corporations, you can easily learn that on Facebook 56% are women and 46% are men (girl power!). That might not be an intuitive assumption, and knowing this data could (and should) influence your content. age and gender segmentation

    I recommend having a look at the Facebook pages displayed under your audience's "Page Likes" top categories

    In our example, it appears Obama is not very popular amongst American CEOs. However, the tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon is a hit amongst your audience – It might be worth sharing content from that page to yours.

    Drill down and use the Facebook audience tool – it's a great source of up-to-date data and content ideas. 

    Once you have a better picture via Facebook I recommend searching Quora to see what questions they are curious about.


Inspirational posts are a great trick for generating engagement.

Back to the US CEOs example – we already know that they are fans of Dr. Wayne Dyer, and of the Dalai Lama. Set a fixed day and time to share inspirational posts. Search for quotes of Wayne Dayer that have to do with self-fulfillment and other business related topics and easily design a post on Canva.

Of course, your page is no a Wayne Dayer fan page. This is just an example to help you think of content directions for your page. Make sure to vary your inspirational quotes as you would vary any other content on your page.

Our Intention Creates Our Reality quote

Bring your team to the front

Be personal. Share pictures of your offices, team and day to day life. Visiting a conference? Be sure to upload pictures and write about your experience. Giving an interesting talk? Post a peek video. Going on a company trip? Show the world how fun it is at your company. Remember, it's not business doing business with another business. It's people working with people. Reflect that on your growing community.

Ready to Step up your marketing?

Provide value

Your expertise is valuable. Share industry updates and key tips and inputs about your industry. Teach and encourage your community to contribute and write about their own professional experiences and inputs.

Challange your audience

Your industry may not be as boring as you think. Be creative. Write down riddles to do with your product. Create quizzes and help your audience learn more about you in a fun and engaging way. Here's a fun example for a transport company:

how many tennis balls can fit in a school bus

Reuse and recycle

Here are two fun shortcuts:

  1. You don't have to create all your content yourself. If you stumble upon interesting content across the web and identify that it might appeal to your audience – don't hesitate to share it!
  2. You can republish old content that is evergreen.

Set a schedule and stick to it

Define regular types of post which you will post on fixed days and times. Get your audience used to receiving content from you and waiting for the next. Make sure to pay attention to holidays and special occasions.

Apply the pareto principal to your content in the following way:

  • 80% non sales content (inspiration, industry updates, behind the scenes etc.)
  • 20% sales content (direct posts about your product/service)

If you want to get your creative juices working, here are some Awesome and Creative B2B Marketing Examples.

Conclusion - B2B Facebook Page

Boring is a matter of perspective. B2B companies can create and manage engaging communities and a great B2B facebook page. It's all about learning who you are talking to and tailoring relevant content that will get them curious and engaged. Always remember, no matter what your business is, you are reaching out to humans and as such you can always find a way to interest them. When robots take over, let's reevaluate.

When working on Facebook, make sure to upload designs in optimal sizes. Download our Facebook Cheat-sheet to save time and headaches.

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