How to repurpose your content in 6 simple steps

By Noa Eshed
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Introduction  - repurpose your content

Sometimes what we are seeking is right under our nose. If you are running a company blog, chances are, the content you have already created and published provides great overlooked opportunities. This post will teach you how to repurpose your content and make the most out of it.

Step 1: Make a list of all your content

Create a spreadsheet detailing all of your published content. Specify date published, format, category, title, purpose and distribution channels.

Date published





Distribution channels








Step 2: Evaluate the purpose of each piece of content.

All content should be correlated with the stage of your prospect withinthe buyer's journey. Some of your content will be aimed at attracting new visitors to your website and turning them into leads, some may be aimed at turning leads into customers, and some may be aimed at delighting your current customers.

I like to use this graph as a benchmark:


Source: Hubspot

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Step 3: review your content and identify opportunities

Determine which of your current content can be wrapped up differently.

For example, if you have a great eBook, could it provide the basis for a:

  • blog series
  • video series
  • eBook
  • podcast
  • online course
  • webinar
  • infographic
  • slideshare


Step 4: Use the ACE method to determine how to repurpose the content

A  Adjust: what can you adjust within the content, rephrase and remove

C Combine: what content can be merged and provide new value

E Expand: are there updates that you can provide? Refresh your content by adding new inputs, clarifications and up-to-date information

Step 5:  Map out each content's current distribution channels

To the best of your ability, map out where you distributed your content (both online and offline)

This could Social media, blog, newsletter, events etc.

Step 6: Identify new distribution opportunities

Your content can be curated so as to become relevant for more distribution channels.

For example:

  • Publish your content as a Linkedin Pulse post or Medium post and invite people to "read more" on your blog
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube/ Vimeo
  • Search for related questions on Quora and publish an answer that links to your content
  • Reddit, and StumbleUpon (use generated content aggregating websites, where users vote to promote stories)
  • Submit your content as an article on GrowhHackers

Pro tip: Don't try to manipulate search engines

When curating your content and publishing it in multiple distribution channels, make sure you are not irritating the Google monster. Getting penalized by Google for duplicate content issues is not a road you want to go down. Google want to know that you are syndicating your content carefully. They will always show the version that they think is most appropriate for users in each given search. Penalties happen when Google perceives that duplicate content is shown with intent to manipulate ranking and deceive users. That might even result in the site being entirely removed from google and will no longer appear in search results.

So, so long as you don't duplicate high volumes of content in short spans of time, and so long as you ensure that each site on which you content is syndicated includes a back link to your original content, you should be good. Another safe way to go is to ask the websites where you are publishing your content, to use the noindex meta tag. That way your duplicate version will not be indexed in search engines at all.

Conclusion - repurpose your content

Your existing content can be leveraged. Once you map out your current assets, and take a fresh new look at them, new opportunities will be revealed. Make sure to understand the goal of your content and to distribute it with context and correlation to the buyer's journey.

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