Case study: How we helped SimilarTech generate 104 new users in one month using gated content

By Noa Eshed
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What’s SimilarTech?

SimilarTech is a leading Israeli startup with branches in Silicon Valley, Brazil and Japan. Their SaaS product is a SIP (Sales Insights Platform) that tracks technology adoption and usage analytics in real-time.

SimilarTech's technology and analysis tool provides business insights through website crawling. Their technology allows users to spot trends, research the market, generate leads and prospects by providing information like technologies used on a particular website, revealing a specific technology's use throughout various websites, or tracking and listing an entire category of web technologies.

The challenge

SimilarTech is the ultimate tool for sales VPs and Sales ops who are selling tech products as using SimilarTech they can:

  • Fill their pipeline with relevant prospects by finding out what tech they’re currently using
  • View correlating technologies that are typically used in their vertical. This can help them unlock and explore greenfield opportunities that they might not have considered in their initial market research
  • Find the leading industries in their vertical to tap into new markets
  • And more

We wanted to get as many relevant sales VPs an Sales ops to experience SimilarTech and see the potential for themselves. But how?

30 lead generation tips eBook

The plan

We conducted a thorough research to map out the core challenges that sales managers are dealing with on a daily basis (we mapped out a few sales audiences, in this project we focused on startups as the type of company).

Based on what we’ve learned, we created the “No BS guidebook to winning startup sales” - a comprehensive guide to establishing a winning sales strategy. The guidebook focused on helping startups learn how to drive tangible, long-lasting growth, avoid startup-thirsty killers (such as burning through budget) and building relationship and trust with prospects.

No BS guidebook to winning startup sales

We set the guidebook up as gated content whereby in order to download it, sales managers had to provide us with their name, email and industry.

No BS guidebook to winning startup sales

The last field was the golden ticket.

Based on the industry they’ve provided, alongside with the guidebook, we let sales managers know that we’ve taken the liberty to sign them up as free SimilarTech users. All they had to do was confirm and pass through a few clicks to finalize the sign up process. We made sure the benefit of what they’d be receiving would be crystal clear.

We then started sending them emails with personalized SimilarTech reports aimed at helping them with their daily challenges. This was the ultimate way of introducing them to SimilarTech at a stage where they’re most interested in solving their challenges.

Getting the word out there

We now had to make sure sales managers are aware of the guidebook. We used paid advertising, inbound marketing methods and social methods to spread the word.

Chen, SimilarTech’s CEO, published a LinkedIn post telling sales managers all about the guidebook and inviting them to download it.

In no time hundreds of sales managers were exposed to the guidebook and invited to download it.

The results

During one month:

82.66% 196 104 67% 104
Increase in website sessions Sales managers asked to download the ebook New accounts opened Email open rates Marketing Qualified leads transferred over to sales

30 lead generation tips eBook


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