Introducing: The Bold MarTech and AdTech Hive

By Shoshi Weinstein
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Introduction - The Bold Hive

Traditional marketing agencies work with their clients in a vacuum. Many times, companies that work with agencies have little contact with other clients past the case studies the agency puts out on their website. 

That being the case, it’s often unheard of that clients have the opportunity to share with each other nuggets of wisdom they individually picked up along the way. Each has (in the words of our agency coach and Hubspot Sales Director Dan Tyre) Big Wins and Little Wins they should be applauded for. Each naturally also has their setbacks and pitfalls which others can undoubted nod and say, “I’ve been there. Maybe try this?”. In short, fellow clients rarely have the chance to engage with each other as a way to share insights, network, and grow together. 

But at Bold, we see things differently. Introducing: the Bold MarTech and AdTech hive! 

We believe we have the responsibility to connect and engage our clients beyond our one-on-one meetings. After much brainstorming and planning, we’re proud to present The Bold Hive. 

The Bold Hive’s first collaboration will include Israeli companies in the MarTech and AdTech industry. 

What does the Bold Hive include? In addition to our usual marketing services, Collaborators will enjoy

  • The opportunity to learn and network with each other, as well as our current clients in this vertical (e.g. Self Advertiser).
  • Monthly meetups to share experiences and learn about updates in the field
  • Guest speakers from the industry
  • The reassurance that they’re of being surrounded by competitors, but rather allies
  • Private Slack channel for continued engagement
  • A way to strengthening each other's efforts by directing new leads to each other
  • Sharing SEO link juice by mutually linking to each others websites and resources 

If you’re an Israeli MarTech or AdTech company that’s looking to get into the same room with people who understand what you do, and can help you with your marketing efforts, join us! 

Know a CMO or CEO who might be interested? Have them reach out to us.

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