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Introduction - How to drive the right kind of traffic to your website

B2B companies typically spend significant amounts of money setting up a website they are proud to make their online business card. But consider this - who is ending up on the homepage of your website and at what stage of their decision process? I'll venture a guess that those are prospects who are looking for a specific solution and are now trying to decide between vendors and figure out which can best help them achieve..

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Introduction - Content Feedback Loops

Hi, thank you for choosing to view this article! Do you mind if I ask you a quick question before divulging valuable insights on feedback loops that you can start using immediately? 

My only question is, are you here reading this article today because you are a: 

  1. Marketing professional who successfully uses Feedback Loops.
  2. Marketing professional who wants to successfully use Feedback Loops.
  3. Marketing professional who spends time reading valuable..
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Over the last decade, almost every marketer pondered with the idea of which type of media: owned, paid or earned media -  is the most essential marketing tool. The question of whether “earned media” is more valuable than traditional “paid media” isn’t always easy to answer.

With the decline in consumer attitudes toward sponsored ads in the past few years, the question as to which type of media is the most effective for lead Generation is more important than ever. While the idea..

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Introduction - Google AdWords For B2B

For B2B companies, campaigning on Google AdWords can often be a grueling and unrewarding experience. The process is different compared to B2C for a number of reasons. Perhaps the main difference is that business-to-business relationships are ongoing, require trust and the sales process generally takes longer than business-to-consumer relationships. Also, the B2B decision-making process often takes place on multiple levels within the company’s hierarchy. 

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Introduction - analyze your backlinks profile

A healthy backlinks profile is an essential part of your brand’s SEO strategy.

All too often, many companies find themselves frustrated when they are obtaining backlinks according to plan, but failing to get traction in search results.

Though the guidelines for websites in all shapes and sizes remain, the perfect backlinks profile is different for every single site. What makes for a perfect backlink profile for a small blog won’t work for a B2B..

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Introduction - remove unwanted results from Google

Discovering your business has a bad search result associated with it, is a business owner's worst nightmare. All of the hard work you’ve put into ensuring your customers are satisfied with your product or service, may be thrown out the window as a result of one review which found it’s way to the top of your branded Search Engine Results Page (aka SERP).

If you notice a bad review, slanderous remarks, or other negative content showing up at..

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Turning complete strangers to customers is a challenge. It requires a deep understanding of the B2B sales cycle and its complexity. When searching for a B2B marketing agency, make sure to partner with professionals who understand your company needs. This post will help you learn what to look out for. 

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Introduction to B2B Lead Generation

Almost every C-Level executive in a B2B company found themselves, at one stage or another, wondering if the money they're spending on digital marketing is worth the investment. Otherwise put, is their investment generating quality leads that actually turn into customers eventually and they are seeing positive ROI on their investment.

B2B lead generation is a great challenge for most companies and marketers. The main reason is that B2B buyers go through a..

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Introduction to b2b sales

Selling services or products to another business can be frustrating. You need to deal with endless rejections, cold shoulders and being flat out ignored. Your target customers are busy doing their job and they don't want to be interrupted. This post will help you recalculate your route to closing B2B sales.

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