Publishers Conferences in 2022 - the full list

By Ioan Gerosanu
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Virtual or in-person, we are optimistic about what 2022 holds for us in terms of conferences throughout the world. Brands such as Digiday+, Admonsters, AvertisingWeek are already facilitating registration to some of their events - so without further ado, here is the full list of the most important 2022 events designed for digital publishers:









Digiday CMO Summit

Attend the Media CMO Summit, where Digiday will bring together a select group of marketing executives from media, advertising, and retail to explore the behavioral trends they're relying on to identify possibilities.


January 25-26, 2022


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Digiday Publishing Summit

Attend the Digiday Publishing Summit to see how media organizations are developing and adjusting their business models as we navigate this Covid era. As a result of this event, you will have a deeper knowledge of how other media organizations are working to create a more sustainable future.

Global Publishing Execs March 28 - 30, 2022

Vail, CO, USA

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Digiday Media Buying

While business and revenue may be returning to normal, how are agencies guaranteeing the strength and authenticity of their DE&I initiatives? How are they assisting their teams as they transition to hybrid workforces? How does the metaverse factor into all of this? Attend us at Digiday's Media Buying Summit as experts examine the challenges and triumphs associated with addressing these critical issues.

Agency & Brand Leaders March 7-9, 2022 New Orleans, LA, USA

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​​Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit

Join the Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit, where they'll bring together senior executives from leading agencies and brands for a candid discussion about how they're preparing for change and what it means to be competitive in a new environment of programmatic marketing.

Marketers June, 2022 TBA

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Content Marketing World Conference and Expo

You'll be a part of the only event where attendees can learn from the industry's best and also spend four days with the CMWorld community. Are you prepared to expand your business while also inspiring your audience? Join CMWorld to obtain the materials and information necessary to implement a content marketing strategy within your organization.

Publishers, Marketers

September 13 - 16, 2022

Cleveland, OH, USA

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DBW Global

The wide industry of publishing will be gathered virtually in 2022 through DBW Global. The program will feature thought leaders and forward-thinking publishers from around the world.

Publishers September 16, 2022 Virtual Free N/A



AWEurope's programming will be unrivaled, with skill-building lectures, inspirational keynotes, and thought-provoking discussions aimed at unifying the marketing, media, technology, and creativity industries and driving change. Acquire the tools and information necessary to advance your career.

Marketers, Tech, Creatives March 28 - 3, 2022 London, UK

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Programmatic Pioneers Summit

Join the leading European programmatic conference with 250+ leaders from Europe's top agencies and tech companies and shape the future of your industry.

Advertisers, Agency owners

May 24 - 25, 2022

London, UK

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Digital Enterprise Show

The global expo will feature over 300 of the world's leading technology companies, a congress featuring 500 of the world's leading experts sharing their successes in Digital Business Transformation, and thousands of visitors who will engage in dialogue about the impact of digital on business and enterprise competitiveness.

CMOs, CEOs, CTOs June 21 - 22, 2022 Malaga, ES Buy Tickets


The Publishing Show

Discussed topics: paywalls, subscriptions, marketing, data analytics, technology, eCommerce, and community building through four distinct content theatres.

Whether you're an owner, CEO, MD, or publisher, or work in editorial, sales, marketing, digital, data, circulation, subscriptions, or design/production, there are insights and solutions for everyone, as well as affordable ways to attend.

CEOs, MD, Publishers, Sales, Marketing March 8 - 9, 2022 London, UK

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Publishers Forum Spring More info soon! Publishers, Marketers March 6 - 9, 2022

St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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Ops 2022 - AdMonsters More info soon! Advertisers, Publishers, Marketers June 6-7, 2022

New York, NY, USA

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Publishers Forum Summer

More info soon! Publishers, Marketers August 14-17, 2022

Montreal, QC, Canada

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N/APublishers Forum Spring Fall

Publishers Forum Spring Fall

More info soon! Publishers, Marketers November 6-9, 2022

Nashville, TN, USA

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