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By Uri Bishansky
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Harnessing and making good use of data has become essential in the last couple of years. In fact, many businesses will describe data as the underlying engine of their business objective. What they say is that anyone who can harness the data that is relevant to the core of their business will succeed in driving the business forward.

Google Analytics has been constantly providing all the tools necessary for businesses to gain Analytics 360 insight about their website traffic. To help companies get even more data, Google has recently launched Google Analytics 360 Suite. It consists of six apps, two re-branded and four brand new tools.


The Google Analytics 360 applications

1. Google Audience Centre 360 is a data management platform. It helps seamlessly integrate both Google and DoubleClick’s ad networks, and also, it works with third-party DSPs. This can help businesses avoid overusing retargeting campaigns and reach wider audiences with their efforts.

2. Google Optimize 360, which is currently in beta, will come as a surprise for many. It will let users test their landing pages, offers, funnel flows and all of that without any knowledge of coding. This way, it will become easier for marketers to see what works best with their audience and improve their marketing strategy.

3. Google Data Studio 360, also currently in beta, is built on the GoogleDocs framework and provides and extensive solution for data visualisation ability to change data in real time ,which will make it easier for users to update and collaborate on the tasks. In addition, it provides tools that will make data easy to present.

4. Google Tag Manager 360 is an existing tool, which worked within Google Analytics as a partner recently. However, from now on users will be able to use it as a standalone product. Now, the powerful APIs will provide simplified data collection opportunities for increased targeting accuracy.

5. Google Analytics 360 seems to be just a re-branded version of Google Analytics premium. So far there are no new features coming along with it, but there are rumours that there will be several new features coming  up in the future.

6. Google Attribution 360 is a tool that was previously known as Adometry. After acquiring the company in 2014, Google integrated this feature into its Google Analytics Premium, but will now serve it as a standalone product. The tool helps advertisers allocate their investments into marketing more precisely and efficiently. In order to be integrated with the 360 Suite, the app was rebuilt from scratch.


What makes Google Analytics Suite 360 particularly interesting is the fact that these tools will be available for purchase individually. Therefore, if a company needs only one of the tools, there will be a possibility to purchase it separately and save some cash.

Making clever use of data is rapidly becoming more important than ever, and companies like Google are trying to simplify data consumption, gathering and interpretation as much as possible, in order to help businesses maximize the effectiveness of their marketing tactics. Google Analytics 360 seems to be a promising set of features that should at least be given a try by every business.

If you have tested any of the products, share your experience and opinion with us in the comments bellow!


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