The HubSpot Impact Awards 2017 - we've won!

By Noa Eshed
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impact awards 2017

We have great news to share! We won the Hubspot Inbound Growth Story Impact award!

The Inbound Growth Award recognizes an agency that helped a client experience rapid growth with Inbound Marketing practices.

We're all feeling very proud – our submission received 91 out of a possible 100 points.

Why is this awesome? 

The annual HubSpot Impact Awards, are awarded in 2 rounds across five categories: Sales Enablement, Integrations Innovation, Inbound Growth Story, Website Design and Graphic Design.

Our submission

hubpost impact awards

Over the course of 6 months we managed to grow our client BusinessBlocks’ business by 600% and helped them get acquired by a publicly traded company, all using HubSpot and amplified Inbound Marketing.

We jumped at the opportunity to showcase this success and proceeded to enter our Inbound Marketing work with BusinessBlocks, under the Inbound Growth Story category.

Businessblock's Inbound growth story

BusinessBlocks is a Silicon Valley startup. They’re an online education company with the goal of helping small American businesses who have never had any formal business training, succeed. 

The BusinessBlocks team came to us with a very simple request: to grow their business in a short amount of time. Our team realized we were facing two main challenges:

  1. Positioning and authority - According to research, 57% of potential customers decide on purchasing before they even contact the supplier. With that in mind, why would a small business owner who has never head of BusinessBlocks trust their ability to help with business growth?
  2. Time to market – BusinessBlocks needed immediate results in a very short timeframe, and couldn't afford to sit around for months waiting to see results.

Our strategy was to get in front of BusinessBlocks’ potential customers at the stage where they are researching online, looking for solutions to their business growing pains. We figured it would be the perfect opportunity to position BusinessBlocks as a valid cure for their challenges. But how?

Using HubSpot, we launched an inbound marketing campaign focused on creating a personalized buyer's journey for small business owners who are struggling due to knowledge gaps.

Using paid media, we invited potential customers to download an eBook or participate in webinars in exchange for their contact details.

This initiated a relationship with BusinessBlock's potential customers that helped us add value, build trust, and push potential customers down a personal buyer's journey. 

Once we had the potential customer's email address, we created an assessment that was aimed at uncovering gaps in knowledge that BusinessBlocks’ courses could help them with. Each potential customer who took the assessment received a sequence of triggered emails that compiled into a personal development plan. The plan provided potential customers with personalized content based on their individual knowledge gaps that surfaced in the assessment.

Once we introduced the personalized marketing assessment (and plan), conversion skyrocketed.

And where did this journey take us?

impact results

BusinessBlocks was acquired by publicly traded company AmTrust!

Click here to read more about the process.

What comes next?

Winners from each round are entered as finalists for the Impact Awards Grand Prize which is awarded at the INBOUND 17 annual conferences (featuring former first lady Michelle Obama this year!). 

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We will also be featured in a "Best Of" compilation eBook which HubSpot is working on right now.

We're very proud to have our work recognized in this way. We could not have done it without Hubspot and without the trust and cooperation of our client – BusinessBlocks who were super supportive and collaborative all throughout the project and also when we approached them and asked to submit their story as a nominee for the Inbound awards. Special shout out to BusinessBlock's CEO and founder – Justin Kulla.

This is what David McNeil, VP Global Partner Program and Strategy at HubSpot, Inc had to say about this:

"Bold Digital Architects had a very creative idea to deliver value for their client, BusinessBlocks. Through a inventive inbound approach, strong paid search strategy, and several other techniques, Bold Digital Architects exemplified innovative client work."

Now it's your turn

If you're spending lots of time and effort on your online marketing but you're frustrated because you're not producing results – reach out to us and maybe you could be our next case study.


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