The Ultimate List of 24 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Busy Marketers

By Barak Hajaj
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I know, I know. You’ve seen it all before.

The web is swamped by countless blog articles offering you, well -  basically, the same old extensions over and over again.

Most of them are covering very short lists aimed to assist specific needs in the online marketing world according to the hosting site’s niche expertise. But as the marketing world evolves there's a broader understanding that the best form of marketing is the kind that makes everything work in synergy. You simply can't afford not to know how to make the best of the limited time you've got, in order to achieve everything you have to do in the day. 

With the right browser extension, you can save a lot of time and effort currently wasted on small tasks that could be done do much more efficiently. 

So, I’ve put together a list of 24 Chrome extensions that will help improve your time management, SEO efforts, data analysis and overall marketing. This post is a follow up to a past a succesful post we've published on the subject. 

Extensions that will help you be more efficient and manage your time better

1. The Great Suspender: Don't you just hate it when your browser starts to slow down when too many tabs are open? Closing them is frustrating, as you'll need them soon. Leaving them open slows down your work as you end up staring at your screen waiting for your computer to move it. Stress no more! this magical extension helps you suspend tabs and free up the memory of your Chrome browser. You can choose from automatically or manually suspending those tabs that have been inactive for a while, only to reactivate them when needed by browsing back to them. You'll feel like you're cycling on a paved road after struggling through a gravel one. 

2. OneTab: Compresses all the opened tabs in the browser into one tab, so you can see the content of all opened tabs in one look. Active web pages will be closed, but their URLs will be automatically saved within a single tab. You can also group these tabs into a special category, enabling you to open them at a later time. 

For every minute spent organizing an hour is earned. Benjamin Franklin.

3. One Click Extensions Manager: Basically like the one above, but for extensions. With a click of a mouse, it hides the extensions icons and gathers them under one icon. Simple, smart and helps you cut down the clutter. 

4. Boomerang: A popular extension that offers smart mailing solutions. My favorite is scheduling those emails you work on when you've woken up at 4am and didn’t want to startle the recipient. No need to worry about forgetting to send that email later. Schedule it and go back to sleep.

5. Awesome Screenshot: A quick and easy to use screenshot tool with extra editing features. For example, you can highlight or mark important captures with arrows for that web developer who didn’t implement that pixel correctly. 

6, Tinybeest Image Optimization: a very simple tool to reduce and optimize images for your site, blog etc. 

7. Figure it Out: Allows you to add up to 10 time zones to your “new tab” screen, helps make scheduling posts or setting up meetings with different regions super easy. It also displays regional national holidays, so you can avoid posting your best social content on a day when no one will be paying attention. 

8. Zest: Stay up-to-date with minimal effort with this amazing new-tab feed extension, which gathers stellar content suggested by marketers, for marketers. 

9. Search and Replace: The title says it all, do it on every in-browser writing box without browsing away.

Extract useful marketing information faster

10. SimilarWeb: This Israeli marketing intelligence product also has a great Chrome extension. The tool shows useful site analytics and information like traffic sources, monthly visits, rank, Geo sources and more. A must-have for everyone who needs to collect valuable competitor’s information. 

11, SimilarTech:  Another one from the Israeli guys, which also have a competitive intelligence tool that tracks technology adoption and usage analytics in real-time”. More simply put, it shows you what technology or marketing products are used by any site. Very useful for competitor research.  (Bonus insight: We've recently collaborated with the SimilarTech team to conduct a research on the state of marketing automation in 2016, you're welcome to read it) 

12. Tag Assistant: This one by Google, helps you make sure your Google tags (like GA, Google Tag Manager, Conversion tracking etc.) are implemented and fired properly. 

13. Ghostery: A little bit like SimilarTech, but under a different hat. This one helps you protect your web browsing privacy by showing you what trackers on a site are viewing your personal data and the ability to block those you’re not interested in and speed up your browsing. For us marketers, it can be used as a spying tool to see what our competitors/clients are doing. 

14. IP Address and Domain Information: This is a bit more in the Webmastering world, but also useful to any of us doing a little bit of SEO. It displays detailed information about any website, including Domain name, Host, Server location, Mozrank and Alexa rank and a lot more useful info. 

15. Rapportive: Although digital marketers are more and more active on social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, many of our interactions still happen via email. Rapportive helps you bridge that social gap by gathering information from your contact’s social accounts right inside your inbox. You'll be able to conduct conversations that are much more personal and relevant to what your recipient is up to.

16. Hunter: One of the most popular extensions to find email addresses of your leads from either a Linkedin page or a company’s website. Much like Rapportive, only the other way around. 

17. BuzzSumo: When browsing the web searching for new content ideas for your blog, this extension can help you by instantly showing how many social shares an article or blog post on a potential subject received. 

18. The most user-friendly social media management tool I ever used. Its coolest feature is that it allows you to adapt the voice you’re using when sharing in each different social media platform with a few clicks. Charm!

For better SEO work

19. Majestic Backlink Analyzer: This one might not be the first choice of a backlink analyzer for many SEO managers, but it's definitely my personal favorite. I find it way more comfortable to use than Moz or Alexa’s, and the data much more accurate. Also, I find the correlation between the Trust Flow and Citation Flow more informative than those other metrics. 

20. PageSpeed Insights: A must-have tool for any SEO manager. Check any site’s performance grade instantly with this light and fast extension. 

21. SEO Quake: This one’s a bit advanced, but I find myself using it a lot. The great thing about it is that in one look, it shows you the most important metrics of a website from Alexa, SEMrush, Bing and Google. With just one click you can also see internal and external backlinks, compare URLs and even browse to a deeper diagnosis for titles, headers and overall health of the site you’re investigating. 

22. NoFollow: See if a web page is providing a Do or No Follow link with just one look. 

23. My personal favourite URL shortener. Perfect for instantly sharing friendly URLs without browsing to another site. 

24. Clear Cache: Speed up your browsing in one click by clearing cache and browsing data with this extension.

Final note

Hopefully, I introduced you to some fresh and new extensions you didn’t use yet. They sure did save me a lot of time that otherwise would have been wasted on silly tasks like, I don't know, cursing away through the dozens tabs constantly opened on my computer.

If you found this useful, and you're curious to learn more and find out how to step up your marketing I invite you to download our How-To guide for creating an inbound marketing strategy.

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