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Introduction to B2B Lead Generation

Almost every C-Level executive in a B2B company found themselves, at one stage or another, wondering if the money they're spending on digital marketing is worth the investment. Otherwise put, is their investment generating quality leads that actually turn into customers eventually and they are seeing positive ROI on their investment.

B2B lead generation is a great challenge for most companies and marketers. The main reason is that B2B buyers go through a..

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Introduction to b2b sales

Selling services or products to another business can be frustrating. You need to deal with endless rejections, cold shoulders and being flat out ignored. Your target customers are busy doing their job and they don't want to be interrupted. This post will help you recalculate your route to closing B2B sales.

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B2B and B2C marketing are worlds apart. As opposed to B2C, B2B sales cycles are typically long and complex, requiring multiple decision makers, aimed at narrow audiences of specific industries, have a high life time value (LTV) per customer, and are long lasting engagements.

Many bold and brave CMOs who tried to make the shift from traditional marketing to online, were disappointed by the results of their efforts, quickly crawling back under the traditional marketing rock. The..

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Introduction to b2b branding

The biggest challenge when selling B2B online, is an authority issue. People want to trust a brand and see it as a professional one before deciding to buy from it. This post will walk you through how to build trust and create long lasting relationships with your prospects, in a way that will make selling to them natural.

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Sooner or later, every CEO/CMO of a B2B Company ask themselves "should I even bother with this SEO crap? Is it really worth the time, efforts and budget allocation?"

I've heard many forms of this, dozens of times, from brilliant and successful people on many occasions. It's always brought a big smile to my face. Not because I decried them, god forbid. But it proved to me how SEO has and still is perceived incorrectly by many business owners. Let me explain why B2B SEO is worth..
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Introduction to B2B Website

Your B2B website isn't working. You invested time and money in an overpriced, shiny new website that you were 100% sure will get your phone ringing in no time.

Ask yourself - If you handed your site to a total stranger, would they be able to tell what your business does within 5 seconds?

If they couldn't, then you've got a messaging problem.What you should want from your website: More sales, More conversions, Higher quality leads, build trust. What your customer..

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Introduction - 6 Pro Ways to use Twitter for B2B Marketing

As a marketer, you know the importance of channelling your marketing throughout different social media networks in order to lead people to your website and through your marketing funnel down the buyer's journey.

When it comes to social networks, B2B businesses tend to focus on LinkedIn and overlook Twitter. Yet Twitter is one handy tool that needs to be taken into consideration for your B2B purposes.

Although Twitter is widely used for..

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Creating a Successful B2B marketing plan for 2018

2018 is around the corner. This post will walk you through a suggested layout of a B2B marketing plan, and the elements you should consider when proceeding to write your own.  

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Introduction to B2B Brand Storytelling 

In a world where your goal should be connecting and building long-lasting relationships with clients to be, it's important to resonate with the people whose problems you solve with your product or service.

If you think emotions and human interactions are irrelevant to B2B brand storytelling, "because you are targeting businesses", consider this a wakeup call:

B2B isn't about businesses communicating with businesses. It's about humans connecting with..

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