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When it comes to content distribution, one of the most effective and popular strategies is applying ego baits. It’s by no means a novel strategy but one that’s been increasingly getting attention and recognition in the past few years, especially with the social media boom. As such, it deems a closer look for its potential and effectiveness.

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Every businesses and entrepreneur dreams of writing great content that engages, inspires, and activates readers to do, try or learn something new. In an inbound marketing world, getting this right can put you on the fast track to organically driving up your traffic volumes to your website, as well as driving increased awareness of your brand and in turn more sales. It can also position you and your brand as a thought leader strengthening your credibility in what you do or offer.

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Since the dawn of time, traditional marketing efforts boiled down to finding where your target audience hangs out, getting there and bombarding them with your marketing messages. With the rise of inbound marketing however, the original principle has gotten a small but important spin. Now it’s all about finding your target audience and engaging in meaningful conversation, providing useful, valuable content with the goal of building trust, brand awareness and gaining the position of an expert..

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Update: we just published a new comprehensive guide for marketing your SAAS product, go check it out!


I speak with many B2B CMOs who tell me online marketing isn’t relevant when it comes to B2B. Such companies stick to traditional methods such as trade shows, cold calling and god forbid – traditional media such as billboards or even TV. SaaS marketers don’t have the privilege of disregarding online marketing as a core platform for generating customers.

By the inherent online SaaS nature,..

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Introduction - email marketing

When people talk about content marketing, others usually assume they’re referring to blogging, or are confusing it with social media marketing. This makes me cup my face in my hands and shake my head from side-to-side. What about email marketing? It’s used to engage contacts by created personalized and valuable content along with relevant and engaging calls-to-action, to move them through the buyer’s journey. If that’s not content marketing, I don’t know what..

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Introduction - content marketing

Consumers are being bombarded with marketing messages every day. That’s because marketers are disregarding a simple reality - the face of advertising has changed. Outbound marketing like interruptive ads, direct mail and cold calling just doesn't work anymore.

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Introduction - Effective Places to Share B2B Content

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, the success of your business depends on the marketing strategies that you adopt. Content marketing is an extremely useful strategy in the world of business to business.

Successfully reaching out to other potential clients fundamentally means how effectively you display your content and the locations that you select for that purpose.

From social media to formal emails, as someone who is involved..

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Introduction - How to drive the right kind of traffic to your website

B2B companies typically spend significant amounts of money setting up a website they are proud to make their online business card. But consider this - who is ending up on the homepage of your website and at what stage of their decision process? I'll venture a guess that those are prospects who are looking for a specific solution and are now trying to decide between vendors and figure out which can best help them achieve..

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Introduction - Content Feedback Loops

Hi, thank you for choosing to view this article! Do you mind if I ask you a quick question before divulging valuable insights on feedback loops that you can start using immediately? 

My only question is, are you here reading this article today because you are a: 

  1. Marketing professional who successfully uses Feedback Loops.
  2. Marketing professional who wants to successfully use Feedback Loops.
  3. Marketing professional who spends time reading valuable..
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