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Introduction - B2B Facebook Page

B2B companies tend to feel boring. As a result, they avoid social media. That's a mistake. B2B customers are on Facebook just as B2C customers are. When drilling down, it's possible to ignite interest in your world and create a community of followers even of a B2B Facebook page.

Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling.

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‘Creative’ is not the word to go with ‘marketing’ when it comes to B2B marketing. In fact, B2B companies should only generate a straightforward message to their potential buyers. And, sales representatives in suits are the ones to be in charge when it comes to lead generation and everything required to make a sale happen.

Time to rethink this oldschool approach! 

B2B companies need to step out and be creative in their marketing efforts. In fact, some of them are not only..

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Introduction to B2B content marketing

When crafting B2B blog content, don't forget that your end goal should be conversions. It's no secret that a B2B sales cycle takes time - don't expect to turn strangers into customers the first instance they come in contact with your content. Instead, make sure you initiate a relationship with them. Add value, build trust and push them down the buyer's journey to a point where they're ready and willing to buy what your company is offering.


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