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In an age where all the information of the world fits in the palm of everyone’s hands (even baby hands, can you imagine that), people are more inclined to start their own business, than ever before. Everything they need to know about running a start-up is at their disposal, a lot of which is free to consume and only a few clicks away.

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You have an idea for a startup, you’ve put together a team and now you want to find an investment. Your idea is important but your potential investors will probably be even more interested in figuring out whether or not you’re aware of who exactly your competition is. An investor under the impression that you don’t understand who your competition is, or worse – aware of a competitor that you’re not aware of, won’t take you seriously.

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Facebook just introduced a new video watching service and considering the direction the internet has been taking in the past couple of years, it shouldn't come as a big surprise to anyone. Before we dig into why I think it's a logical step forward for Facebook, let's first take a look at what this new feature actually is and how it operates.

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Introduction - content that's both relevant and evergreen

Back in the Summer of 2016, Pokémon Go was all the rage. Everywhere you went, you saw people walking around staring at their phones trying to find little AR creatures hiding behind mailboxes and lampposts, all in the hopes to “catch ‘em all”. Within no time at all, marketers couldn’t help but take notice.

Over the course of that summer, the number of blog articles written about ‘Pokémon Go marketing lessons’ was out of control. Since..

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Introduction - inbound marketing in the MarTech and AdTech industry

You know what they say about those who assume (if you don’t know the answer to this, ask the next thirteen-year-old you see). But let me venture a guess that you fall into a camp of people who are vaguely familiar with inbound marketing but you’re not totally sure how it all works. If in fact you’ve never heard of inbound, stick around, because I’m about to explain what it is and how it applies to the MarTech and AdTech..

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Introduction - Attract the Right Leads to your MarTech/ AdTech Business

In our world’s revolution of becoming more hi-tech and automated by the day, you’re on the front lines of the movement. Your work is brilliant and innovative, turning some of the more (dare I say it) mundane parts of marketing and ad networking into something of the past. Your software or tool is going to make a lot of companies and individuals very very happy. 

With a dramatic increase from 150 to 5000 MarTech companies..

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Introduction - The Bold Hive

Traditional marketing agencies work with their clients in a vacuum. Many times, companies that work with agencies have little contact with other clients past the case studies the agency puts out on their website. 

That being the case, it’s often unheard of that clients have the opportunity to share with each other nuggets of wisdom they individually picked up along the way. Each has (in the words of our agency coach and Hubspot Sales Director Dan Tyre) Big Wins..

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I know, I know. You’ve seen it all before.

The web is swamped by countless blog articles offering you, well -  basically, the same old extensions over and over again.

Most of them are covering very short lists aimed to assist specific needs in the online marketing world according to the hosting site’s niche expertise. But as the marketing world evolves there's a broader understanding that the best form of marketing is the kind that makes everything work in synergy. You simply..

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Introduction - marketing vocab

Whether you’re an entry level marketing coordinator or a CMO, marketing lingo can feel like it’s a sea of confusing acronyms. In this blog post, we’re gonna go through the rundown of all of the marketing vocabulary you need to know to hit the ground running. In the past, the marketing dictionary was fairly simple, but with the rise of digital and inbound marketing, social media and SEO, suddenly there’s plenty of new terminology you got to know. So before you..

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