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Many marketers seem to believe that building content, together with accompanying landing pages and calls to action is all they need to do for a solid inbound marketing funnel. Sure, creating a funnel with different journeys based on your buyer persona is definitely the foundational structure of every campaign, but there is often a vital part missing. And without that vital part, chances are nobody will end up going through those carefully constructed funnels of yours.

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Is your marketing strategy headed down a dead-end street?

We all have that one friend whose stories never seem to end, that one person that we want to hang out with every once in awhile, but always regret it afterwards. Remember the feeling of being stuck in an infinite loop of their monologues? By the end of the coffee break, you have heard about the greatest thing that has ever happened to them, and the second greatest thing, and the third and the twenty-sixth.

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You have a great idea for a new startup. You’ve identified a need in your industry, and have a killer product that has the potential to disrupt the market. 

However gone are the days where a great idea will simply attract customers and clients. With all the startups in the world these days, creating a unique, comprehensive startup marketing strategy is critical for success.

But with limited resources and funding, especially in the early days, startup marketing can prove to be a difficult..

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If there is one thing that all entrepreneurs share in common, it has to be the false belief that all mankind just HAS to like the thing that they invented. Every person who looks like they're not interested, or even - god forbid - say something negative about their product, company or service, is considered to be the root of evil, or - in the ever so polite corporate jargon - a crisis.

This usually comes from misunderstanding what "target audience" means. Politicians, by the way, understand..

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Update: we just published a new comprehensive guide for marketing your SAAS product, go check it out!


I speak with many B2B CMOs who tell me online marketing isn’t relevant when it comes to B2B. Such companies stick to traditional methods such as trade shows, cold calling and god forbid – traditional media such as billboards or even TV. SaaS marketers don’t have the privilege of disregarding online marketing as a core platform for generating customers.

By the inherent online SaaS nature,..

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Introduction to Amplified Inbound Marketing

All companies who adopt an Inbound Marketing strategy want it to be effective. Not all are willing to undergo the long process of indexing properly on Google before starting to generate ROI. Marketers reluctant to wait sometime make the mistake of spending large amounts of their budget on "money keywords" on Google AdWords at the hope of converting those (high intent) users into customers. At a small volume there's no problem with that, but at a..

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Introduction to inbound leads

When implementing an Inbound Marketing strategy, a dilemma arises when to pick up the phone/keyboard and reach out to an Inbound lead.

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Introduction - Measure Inbound Marketing ROI

"A recent survey of 1,200 CEO’s indicated that nearly 70% had lost trust in their marketers’ ability to deliver growth, in part because of the inability to show ROI on campaigns."  Don't be that kind of CMO! 

Inbound Marketing is one of the most important, yet underrated and misunderstood sections of business, particularly this ever so mentioned key performance indicator “ROI”. 

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Introduction to Inbound Link Building

Building inbound links, aka backlinks, represents the process through which another website links to your website or blog. Literally, they are the links on other websites that lead and direct users to your own blog. The amount of inbound links to a website has a significant influence on the website's SEO ranking. However, we're playing a game of quality here, so the links you generate need to be from relevant, high authoritative websites with natural..

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