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Startups are awesome because they have to work miracles with resources that bigger players often take for granted. Yes, they do not have access to big budget software or expensive developers, but they are surely aware of the importance of a visually attractive presentation or an eye-catching Facebook banner or Instagram post. This is why they will find great help in DIY graphic design tools that are readily available at little or no cost, yet come with excellent features that all startups..

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Since the dawn of time, traditional marketing efforts boiled down to finding where your target audience hangs out, getting there and bombarding them with your marketing messages. With the rise of inbound marketing however, the original principle has gotten a small but important spin. Now it’s all about finding your target audience and engaging in meaningful conversation, providing useful, valuable content with the goal of building trust, brand awareness and gaining the position of an expert..

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Introduction - Social Media Reporting

It's often believed that social media marketers just spend time on Twitter and Facebook posting memes or watching YouTube videos of cute cats. However, this is not the case, or at least not all of the time. Social media in this day and age is a tremendous asset for digital marketers, and marketing through this channel is a profession, not a hobby. (OK, sometimes it can be both).

The greatest roadblock to social media reporting is that there is a lot to..

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Introduction - brand following on Snapchat

The first time I used Snapchat, the words "generation gap" painfully sprang to mind. Nothing was intuitive and I found myself googling basic features, not understanding how to upload an image or who sees it. Apparently that's intentional - Snapchat's "user-unfriendly" interface is intended to make you feel old.  It's an app for teens, and as that it hides an opportunity. With over 60% of Americans between the ages of 13 and 38 (most under the age..

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Twitter have been discussing changes to their 140 character restriction policy for a few months now. It appears that it's now official that photos, videos, GIFs, polls, quote Tweets and @names in replies will no longer count toward your 140 characters.

These are the details officially published by Twitter:

The following diagram published on Twitter's dev blog displays the new structure of Tweets:

Here are 4 ways to make the most of Twitter's new 140 character update

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Introduction - Facebook for a B2B Business

Facebook is known as one of the major ad networks available today. Since the social network is mainly for recreational and personal uses, B2B businesses tend to leave this channel low-touched or not touched at all. This of course is a terrible mistake since B2B buyers are also human and use Facebook just like any other user. The trick is too truly understand your buyer personas and to promote the content they want to read according to their stage..

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Introduction - Facebook Custom Audience Guide

Custom audiences is one of Facebooks most powerful tools. The ability to use your own data whether it is from your website, mobile app, CRM or even Facebook engagement grants you a lot of power can drastically increase your overall digital performance.

With great power comes great responsibility – segmenting these custom audiences is completely in your hands – doing it wrong can lead you to miss on many opportunities out there.

This Facebook..

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Social media is no longer considered a channel where people simply share news with each other, chat about their everyday life or post fun content for their friends. While it was initially designed to serve such purposes, nowadays social media is crucial for every business’s online success and sales generation.


For example, common practices like creating a social media activity calendar, building relationships with potential and existing customers, establishing..

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When setting up a new Facebook page or Facebook ad campaign, it's best to use recommended image sizes in order to present pixel perfect results. Bear in mind, sometime an image will appear perfect on a desktop view and will be distorted on mobile. A blurred image can harm your conversion rates and simply look unprofessional.  

This post will summarize the most common image sizes you should always ask your graphics designer to stick to. 

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