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How To Create An Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy


Success in the inbound field requires a strong and well-considered strategy in its foundation.

Download this Inbound Marketing guide to learn:

  • How to deliver the most useful content at the right time and in appropriate context.
  • How to create a long lasting strategy
  • The pitfalls to avoid
  • Inbound Marketing tools and techniques
  • ...and more!
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14 B2B Marketing Practices That Every CMO Must Know

14 B2b Marketing Practices eBook Cover

Directing your efforts to adopt innovative approaches and best practices for your B2B marketing strategy may help rectify your sales pipeline and grow your business.

Download this B2B Marketing Practices eBook to learn:

  • Some of the most popular techniques and practices of B2B marketing
  • Important distinctions that are sometimes overlooked between B2B marketing to B2C marketing
  • What businesses expect from their suppliers either at sales meetings, or online
  • ...and more!
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How To Strategize And Boost Your Email Marketing

How To Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns eBook Cover

As technology evolves marketers sometime mistakenly think that using email as a marketing channel is spammy and obsolete. The reality is light years away.

Download this Email Marketing eBook to learn:

  • How to boost your performance using email marketing
  • How to personalize and contextualize your emails 
  • How to grab attention
  • How to make sure your email is mobile friendly
  • Must know email metrics
  • Spam triggering keywords list
  • ...and more!
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Key Beneficial Aspects Of Marketing Automation

MA ebook cover.jpg

The most effective way your business will be able to grow and increase profits, is with the help of more relevant, personalized and valuable content and better lead management - and MA tools help you accomplish just that.

Download this key beneficial aspects of Marketing Automation eBook to learn:

  • Some of the best MA tools out there
  • How to increase the number of your high quality leads using MA
  • The key elements of MA
  • ...and more!
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30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas

3d cover.jpg

We've compiled the 30 greatest lead generation lessons in this brand new guide, so you can start reeling in those leads.

Download these 30 tips to learn:

  • What makes the best lead-generating content
  • What drives killer landing page performance
  • How to create offers that are impossible to ignore
  • Secret website optimization tips with A/B testing
  • ...and more!
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Digital Marketing MUST Reports & Measures

cover digital marketing.png

With so much data, how do you not get overwhelmed and make sure you are measuring the right KPIs for success?

Download this Digital Marketing MUST Reports and measures guide to learn how to:

  • Find optimal PPC, SEO, Social media and inbound marketing KPIs
  • Pay attention to KPIs that reflect your company’s marketing goals
  • Generate relevant ROI driven reports without drowning in an ocean of irrelevant data.
  • ...and more!
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Helping You Navigate Your Startup To Marketing Stardom


Without an awesome, innovative marketing strategy, a startup cannot expect significant success in today’s business world.

Download this eBook to learn how to:

  • Position your startup
  • Add value instead of interrupting
  • Avoid selling too soon
  • Measure your efforts
  • ...and more!
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Guides & Spreadsheets

Google Adwords Guide

book cover.jpg

We wrote and designed an extensive step-by-step guide that covers the core do's and don'ts of managing/ setting up Google Adwords campaigns.

Read this guide and learn how to 

  • Set up campaigns
  • Measure for ROI positive
  • Learn what to look out for when managing others 
  • ...and more!
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Facebook Image Size Cheat Sheet

Facebook Image Sizes

We've compiled all you need to know about Facebook image sizes to one complete cheat sheet

Download this guide to 

  • Have one go-to guide you can refer any designer to
  • Improve ad conversion rates
  • Make sure your Facebook image sizes are in line with Facebook's guidelines 
  • ...and more!
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Inbound Marketing Campaign Template

Inbound Marketing Templat

Creating an inbound marketing campaign entails 6 essential steps. 

Download this template and plan your campaign following best practices and taking into consideration:

  • Buyer personas
  • The buyer's journey
  • Your content offer
  • Keywords
  • ...and more!
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Google Adwords Expanded Ad Charachter Counter Tool

Google Adwords Expanded Text Ads Counter

If you manage Google Adwords campaigns and find yourself copy-pasting ad copies to your word counter on Microsoft Word or any other tool - please stop! 

Download this tool and never waste time counting characters again. The tool includes:

  • Headline 1 count (30 characters)
  • Headline 2 count (30 characters)
  • Description count (80 characters) 
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Blog Content Editing Checklist


It's so easy to publish content for the sake of volume. It's not so easy to create value and create a valuable following. Real marketers put thought into each content published, making sure best practises are applied. Questions such as "Does the tone of the writing align with the content being presented?" should be considered regularly. 

We've created a checklist of evaluation questions that will help you be remarkable. Download it in order to take your blog a step further and learn how to:

  • High-level topic selection questions
  • Structuring, style and formating
  • Evaluation of the level of writing
  • Covering supporting data
  • ...and more!
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Blog Editorial Calendar Template

blog editorial calendar.jpg

When creating a blog editorial calendar there's much to consider. It can get messy and confusing - but it doesn't have to be.

Download this pro template and plan your content whilst taking into consideration:

  • Keywords
  • Who you are writing to (your target personas)
  • CTAs
  • Offers
  • ...and more!
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2018 Yearly Marketing Plan Planning Template

marketing plan.png

A B2B yearly marketing plan MUST include several elements. 

Download this template and plan your yearly marketing following best practices and taking into consideration:

  • SMART goals
  • Competitive analysis
  • Your target market
  • The buyer's journey
  • Your USP
  • ...and more!
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